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At the heart of V-Cell, is the drive to provide power solutions that people can trust. Whether it is off-grid solar energy systems in Namibia villages, emergency systems under extreme cold environment in Canada, remote sensing equipment of animal protection organizations in Germany, low-speed electric vehicles of tens of thousands of elderly people in China…… We have grown to become a reliable power solution supplier for various power needs.

Over our 16-year journey, we have built from scratch to become a renowned battery manufacturer and power solution supplier in China. We offer a wide range of energy products including lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, primary lithium batteries, PV panels, inverters amongst others. Our clients are located all over the globe and our footprint has been well established in Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and Middle East. 

We strictly adhere to manufacturing products that meet CE, UL, CSA, VDS, ROSH, REACH and other world quality standards. Our Quality Assurance process is a top priority to ensure we never compromise on the quality of products we supply to you. As part of our Mission, we are dedicated to zero-emission energy systems and green energy solutions. We remain committed to energy solutions that are sustainable for the future. vcellbattery 0086 27 83636686