3inch DC Solar deep well Pump
  • 3inch DC Solar deep well Pump
  • 3inch DC Solar deep well Pump

3inch DC Solar deep well Pump

Impeller type
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3inch DC solar deep well pump(impeller type) 



Max flow:3.2 m3/h 

Rate flow:1 m3/h 

Max head:40 m 

Rate head:30 m 

Voltage:DC48 V 

Power:400 W 

Pump Dia:3 inch 

Outlet Dia:1 inch 

Material:stainless steel


Advantages of solar water pumping system

1. High efficiency, small size, light weight, more functions 

2. MPPT function 

3. Automatically working function 

4. solar powered water pumps work with both solar power and battery, can connect with solar panels and dc battery at same time, will use solar power in advance which is more higher efficient than MTTP function. 

5. When power on the solar pump system, controller will detect the system of energy source to see it is solar panels or batteries, then start working. If there is solar power then use solar power, if no solar power will use batteries automatically. 

Features of solar water pumping system 

1. solar powered water pumps High Energy Efficiency, motor efficiency is higher about 10-20% than common motors. 

2. Small size, whole stainless steel material. 

3. Multifunctions and Auto-protecting. 

4. DC/SOLAR Energy multi power supplies. 

5. Auto start, when there is solar power, the pump will operate automatically.

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