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6V, 12V general purpose, 5 yrs design life.Designed for standby application
12V, high / deep cycle
Designed for wheelchair, solar, etc.
6V 12V Long life application,
>10+yrs design life
12V, high rate discharge
Designed for UPS application
12V, front terminal, 10 yrs design life
Designed for telecom industry
2V, 10 yrs design life
Designed for telecom industry
Multiple Standard & High Performance
for Miscellaneous Car Models
Designed for water-flow meter,
watt-hour meter, etc.
Designed for scooter, electric bicycle,
Designed for start up vehicle, vessel,
large machinery, etc.
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Technical data-Lithium-ion
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Lithium-ion Battery Pack is specifically designed for deep cycle application ( Scooter, Electric Bicycle, Wheelchair, etc.) with more than 800 cycles at 100% DOD.

36V Silver fish 48V Silver fish
Cell IMP1866133 ISMP1366133
Unit no. 10 pcs 13 pcs
Combination Series Series
Protective tube Tube type or Insert type Tube type or Insert type
Charge port Video or microphone Video or microphone
Discharge port
Data sheet PDF(MODEL:36LS10) PDF(MODEL:48LS10)
Dimension 76*110*390mm (Tube285mm)
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