VHFP4850 Solar Hybrid Inverter
  • VHFP4850 Solar Hybrid Inverter

VHFP4850 Solar Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid Inverter
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Quick Details:

Model: VHFP4850

Rated Power (KW): 5

Peak Power(KVA): 10

Battery Voltage (VDC): 40-60

Rated AC Voltage (VAC): 220/230

Feature and Benefits: 

•  Pure sine wave output

•  Hi-frequency

•  Max. 6 units in parallel

•  Single phase or three phase connection is available

•  Lithium battery activation design, allow access Lithium battery or lead acid battery

•  RS232/RS485/CAN/USB communication port


•  Domestic appliance:fan,lamp,rice cooker, etc.          

•  Office equipment:computers, printers, etc.

•  Electronic communications: DVD, monitoring devices, communication stations, etc. 

• Electric tools: electric drill, punching machine, water pump, etc.

•  Vehicle and ship equipment: ambulances, ships, traffic lights, etc.

•  Emergency power supply: standby power supply


Rated Power (KW)
Peak Power(KVA)10 
Battery Voltage (VDC)40-60
Rated AC Voltage (VAC)220/230
No. of Parallel (units)1-6
PhaseSingle Phase or Three Phase
PV Charging ModeMPPT
MPPT Efficiency99.90%
Max. Charging Current (A)80
Dimension (mm)426*322*124
Installation MethodWall-Mounted
Thermal methodCooling fan in intelligent control

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